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Freedom Business Building

What is The Freedom Family?

The Freedom Family is a supportive community designed to help you build your freedom-based business with our network marketing partner. We provide trainings, structure, advice, support, and live events to help you get started and grow wealth for your future.

What is network marketing? It’s a distribution model where a company manufactures a product and pays the consumer to spread the word.


Because we believe in creating a future in which men and women can be incredibly present to their purpose on the planet. And we believe that the only way to do this is to dramatically reduce financial stress. 

Think about it.

When you free up the bandwidth previously reserved for worrying about money, you can channel that extra time, energy, attention, creativity, and love into being a truly present human being and making the world a better place.

If you want to….

  • gain freedom from financial stress,
  • make money while being of service,
  • become part of the healthy living movement,
  • love what you do (and profit from it!),
  • and learn from experienced experts in the field…

…then you’re in the right place!

Create a business that is structured around community, service and shared success.

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Here’s what you’ll get as a member of our family!

The Freedom Family is a supportive community designed to help you build your freedom based business with our network marketing partner. We provide trainings, structure, advice, support, and live events to help you get started and grow wealth for your future.

As part of The Freedom Family, you will have the opportunity to build a freedom based business of your own, create wealth for your future, and do it in a fun, supportive environment all while learning from experts in the field.

We created our own financial freedom with network marketing, AKA direct selling, and we believe in it so much that we have made it our business to help you build yours.

The Freedom Family works exclusively with {an elite nutritional and health product company} and practices a new style of network marketing rarely before seen.

We call it “Conscious Network Marketing.”

Which means, as part of our family…

  • You’ll be compensated for sharing information about products you believe in—strictly with people who have a true need. (So you don’t feel you are bugging people!)
  • You’ll build a profitable business that is anchored entirely in the intention to make someone else’s life better.
  • You’ll grow meaningful rapport and relationships with people you enjoy as part of your work.
  • You’ll provide a service with your work so you are consistently helping people.
  • You’ll participate in the only business model where someone else has a financial stake in your success, creating an environment in which you’re truly supported to reach your highest potential.
  • You’ll benefit from a long-term source of residual income so your work pays off more and more over time.
  • You’ll be able to leave a legacy of health and wealth for future generations.
  • You’ll profit even more from the work of the people you train, without taking away from their success, so you can enjoy a true team dynamic.
  • Your success is dictated entirely by your own efforts, so the more effective you are, the more you’ll make.
  • You’ll earn while you learn crucial success skills, like public speaking, sales, communication, organization, productivity, and marketing – and all from successful industry experts.
  • You’ll collaborate instead of compete—the family is structured around community, teamwork, and a sense of abundance, so you will be successful only to the degree that you help others.
  • You’ll be part of the only business model that levels the playing field so your income potential doesn’t hinge on age, gender, education, race, past experience, etc.

Whoever you are, whatever your background, the sky’s the limit!

Freedom Business Training

Get on-the-job training for your very own business.

As a member of The Freedom Family, you’ll learn all of the skills necessary to run a successful business. So no matter your background or work experience, you are welcome to join and will be trained to achieve!

From professional athletes to stay-at-home moms, there is no “type” that cannot create incredible success with our proven systems.

You’ll receive:


  • The Freedom Family Training Manual to help you get started right away!
  • 4 Modules of Video Lessons to study at your own pace!
  • Live weekly training calls with team leaders to guide your success!
  • Exclusive access to our online community to connect, learn, and get inspired!
  • Opportunities for one-on-one mentoring and coaching based on your growth!
  • Live Events to connect with other business owners and hear from top industry experts!
  • Full access to our vault of over 200 Recorded Training Calls on every business building topic imaginable!

You’ll learn…

  • How to market your business with panache and consciousness, and in a way that makes you feel AMAZING about everything you promote.
  • How to become a Rock Star Communicator who knows how to listen for and deliver practical, actionable, and relevant solutions to your customers.
  • How to make sales a spiritual practice, so you never have to feel pushy or make cold calls that feel inauthentic to you.
  • How to think and act when it comes to money so that financial freedom becomes inevitable.
  • How to turn a primarily service based, hours-for-dollars business into a residual income generating machine.
  • How to sell without sleaze so you will not only make money, you’ll also make the world a better place.
  • How the wealthy spend their time and think about money so you can shift your money mindset into a profitable one.
  • How to work smarter instead of harder so your efforts pay off more and more over time.
  • How to cultivate a money mindset that will attract money to you so you don’t have to work so darn hard.
  • How to prevent chronic degenerative disease and live a long, vibrant life — and help others do that, too.
  • How to create success habits that make building your business feel easy.
  • How to free up your time so that you can spend more of it doing the things that really matter to you.

Every bit of The Freedom Family training will not only help you rock the business that we’re teaching you how to build, but also any other business enterprise that you engage in from here on out. These success skills will last you a lifetime.

Choosing to work with The Freedom Family has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Recently I started looking at what my future would look like once I retired from my 9 to 5 job and I didn’t like what I envisioned, so I decided to join The Freedom Family. The concept of generating residual income while doing something I am passionate about while being able to impact people’s health and lives with a home based business really resonated with me.

Choosing to work with The Freedom Family has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Kate and Mike have been my leaders, teachers, mentors and much more, they are inspirational, motivational, personable, fun and full of energy. I have not only grown strictly in a professional manner, but a personal one as well since partnering with The Freedom Family. They have been very encouraging and supportive. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with The Freedom Family Team, they are not just a team I work with, they are like my extended family.

– Gioconda Chiera

Working with Kate, Mike & The Freedom Family has been the best decision I have made in my career so far.

I was looking for a way of co-creating with people that was fun, magical and felt like family – but also focused, clear and down to earth. At the end of the day, it’s business, right? But why should business not be the most fun thing we get to do in the day? With Kate and Mike it certainly is both, and it has changed my life, my work and my own community and tribe out here in the Netherlands as a result as well!

– Suze Maclaine Pont – The Healthy Business Coach

So you can create a business that supports the life of your dreams!

Freedom Business Community

Join a supportive family that shares your values, ambitions, and triumphs.

At heart, The Freedom Family is a group of wellness entrepreneurs committed to helping each other create both financial freedom and the sparkling, vibrant health to enjoy it.

When you enroll, you’ll receive all of the following as part of the family!

  • Membership in our private, online group forum so you are never alone in this business-building journey!
  • The best {health products} on the market, used and recommended by top health experts, so you can stay sharp and energized while you embark on this new business!
  • Weekly, business-building, how-to calls led by us and other leaders in The Freedom Family on effective, actionable steps to grow your business.
  • A Turnkey Business with as much as a seven-figure potential.
  • Monthly inspiration tele-gatherings with health and marketing experts (who also happen to be my mom and my aunt) Dr. Christiane Northrup and Penny Northrup Kirk!
  • Monthly training calls with other industry leaders so you can apply their winning methods to your business.
  • Priceless new health insights, such as how to eat in a way that keeps you slim, energized and powerfully focused, and how to decrease inflammation in your cells and reduce your risk of chronic, degenerative disease.
  • A curated “hot list” of the best business and personal growth books to support you in your entrepreneurial success!
  • Lifetime access to over 170 recorded training calls and documents via our private members site.
  • A done-for-you Online Nutrition Program including 28 days of cutting edge content and a step-by-step, dummy-proof system to increase your customer base.
  • Exclusive access to the WellPRO Wellness Coaching Certification Program and Clear the Way digestion and detox online program for yourself and your customers. (This is an added investment – and worth every penny!)

Plus, once you’re in the family, you’re a member for life!



Ready to get started? Enroll now.

How to join The Freedom Family

All you need to do to join is put together your Custom Starter Kit and get an enrollment link from the Family Member who invited you!

If you found The Freedom Family through Kate or Mike, you can enroll right here!

Need some guidance with your starter kit?

As you become more familiar with the various products offered and what you’re loving most, you can customize your orders to suit your needs.

Want to learn more about our products?

This video was created especially for you!

Want to know more about us?

Head on over here to learn more about The Freedom Family mission.

Any other questions, you can hop on down to the questions section below!

Your Questions, Answered!

I can’t wait to create a Freedom Based Business and grow some real wealth! But, I’m a little confused. What exactly is this business?

We’re SO glad you asked. Here at The Freedom Family, we work exclusively with an elite nutritional and health supplement company called Usana. To learn more about Usana, you can check out this short video right here. We personally use their products to enhance our own health and believe wholeheartedly in the quality and value they provide. Actually, Kate has been taking them since she was a pre-teen!

Why our product partner?

Usana’s products are highly consumable and have been around (and beating the competition) for over 20 years. Not only is the company run by a well respected doctor, but they are THE top rated products of their kind. Actually, they’re one of only FOUR 5-Star Rated Products in the Nutri-Search Guide to Nutritional Supplements. Usana’s commitment to quality is exemplified in their state of the art manufacturing process and the scientific rigor they pour into each individual product. In addition, they truly have a solution for everyone. Whether you’re trying to prevent disease, increase energy, lose weight, or ensure that your family gets sufficient nutrition, Usana has an incredible product for you.

I’m already working full-time and have a family. How much time do I really need for this?

That’s totally okay! All you need to start building your financial freedom is a solid 5-10 hours per week. If you can carve out those 5 to 10 hours to devote to money generating activities (and we’ll explain what those are), you can definitely make this work! And before you know it, you can kiss that full-time gig goodbye and start reaping your Freedom Based Business benefits A.S.A.P.

Do I only get paid on products that I sell? How does that work?

Yes and no. You will only get paid on products sold through your channels but you can build your business in two ways! You can sell products directly and you can train more distributors for your team. The bigger your team, the greater you (and your entire team) will benefit.

For a more detailed breakdown on how you get paid, check out this video right here!

Are the products in my Custom Starter Kit for me to sell? Or for me to use?

We recommend that your very first order be made up of products that you want to try yourself. You don’t want to be out there recommending products that you haven’t tried and don’t believe in, right? Right. You could certainly order some things for your kiddos or spouse, or whoever else you think would dig them, but the idea is for you to get to know (and love) the product line first. You’ll also get the USANA Business Development System in your kit, so you can start training for success as you become familiar with the products!

So… does this mean I have to spend a TON of money to join the family?

Nope! Not at all. All you need to join is a passion for building your own business and a small start-up investment to buy your first batch of products to test and sell. Careful though, you may become hooked on them yourself because they are that awesome!

Depending on which start-up package you choose, your initial investment will be less than $2000. You will only need a minimum of $700 set aside to start!

All of the training you get with The Freedom Family is entirely free!

Not to worry. There is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all of the products you purchase. But trust us, after you and your customers try them, you won’t want to send them back!

I really think I’m bad at selling. Do I still qualify?

Absolutely! We have a proven system that works even if you hate selling. All you need is an open mind. What we teach is an entirely new and authentic way of looking at sales. This is incredible news because, while the idea of sales can be icky, every single successful business owner has had to learn sales skills at some point. The Freedom Family will teach you how to sell in a unique, heart-centered, organic way that most people find they really enjoy!

So what is Network Marketing, exactly?

It’s how you begin your journey to Financial Freedom, for starters.

If you want to watch an explanation on video, you can check that out right here. We also highly recommend that you watch First Steps to Freedom, if you haven’t yet!

Here’s how it works!

A company, let’s call it Shabang, Inc, makes a product – for example, Shabang Shampoo. You love Shabang Shampoo. You wouldn’t wash your silky, shiny locks with anything else. In fact, you recommend it to everyone with hair.

And here’s the great part: Shabang pays you to talk about it. Every time someone buys a bottle of Shabang through your referral (either online or when they use your referral ID#), Shabang pays you a percent.

As you’re spreading the word about Shabang Shampoo, you’ll inevitably meet other people who also love it because it’s such a fab product. When they do, they can either become customers or join your team of Shabang Shampoo ambassadors/disciples/big huge fans.

When you train them to rock at spreading the word, you also earn a percentage from their referrals. (The great news is that your team of ambassadors doesn’t get paid less because you’re also benefiting from their efforts. You guys both get paid the same percentage. How freaking egalitarian is that?)

Ready to join the family? Enroll now!

If you have any other questions, please email info@thefreefam.com and we’ll be happy to answer them!