Welcome Freedom Seeker!

If you’re on this page it means you want to know how to join our USANA team, The Freedom Family.

Here are the simple steps to get started:

1. Watch this video summary of how we get paid:

2. Review the Average Income Chart. Click here

3. Generate 400+ points of products that you want to try, give as samples, and/or resell to activate your business centers. If we were to sign up today we would order a custom order containing the products on this spreadsheet because you get products from all of the different lines, plus when you order 400+ points you get a deluxe, customizable USANA site for free for a year, an International Convention Pass, as well as other online tools and resources to help you grow.

You are also welcome to customize your own order for 400+ points (you can see how many points each product is worth on the Price List below) or order a combination of the Featured Product Packs at the top of the USANA Price List below.

When you enroll be sure to set up an Auto Order to keep your business active. You’ll need to generate 100 points per month to keep 1 Business Center active and start at 10% commission or 200 points per month to start at 20% commission. (You’ll never need to generate more than 200 points per month no matter how big your business grows.)

*Note: USANA and The Freedom Family are open for business in 20 countries worldwide. Pricing and product availability varies depending on the country you’re operating in. You can view a full list of countries where we’re open for business HERE. To get more information on which products are available in your country, email us.

4. Enroll!

If you’ve been sent to this site by anyone other than Kate Northrup Watts & Mike Watts, please contact them for their unique enrollment link.

Otherwise, click below to enroll. You’ll choose Distributor Associate as your Account Type.

Click Here to Enroll

5. Get instant access to our exclusive training and community!

As soon as you’ve enrolled please email us at hello@thefreedomfamily.net. We’ll send you a welcome email within 24 hours that will give you immediate access to our training program.

We’re so looking forward to having you on our team, working with you, and spending time with you at a future live event!

If you have any questions that weren’t covered here, please email us at hello@thefreedomfamily.net.

To your health and freedom,

Kate & Mike